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Congratulations to PHHP, which stood out from 16 countries and more than 200 nominations, and successfully won the 2022 Asia Pacific Enterprise (Inspirational Brand Award)!

The “Asia Pacific Enterprise Awards” is organized by the non- governmental organization “Enterprise Asia”, to commend the enterprises and entrepreneurs who have outstanding leadership, excellent business management and sustainable development of enterprises in various industries in Asia.

People Happily Helping People, Together We Share Peace, Harmony, Health and Prosperity.

In line with PHHP’s goals of empowering the minds of the people and elevating the strength of humanity, we aspire to create a world filled with love and continuous growth.

The core philosophy in PHHP is to build a caring and healthy world. Through its unique operation model, PHHP is able to provide healthy exchanges in a peaceful and cordial manner, improve people's knowledge of health choices, deepen people's awareness of health and enhance each other's quality of living.

PHHP core values are always the welfare of people. PHHP focuses on simple and convenient healthy choices, bringing diversified nutrition to people around the world, easily incorporating healthy elements into daily life, and practicing healthy living. Its two main product lines include Phytosophy Series and PhytoLab Series.

PHHP adheres to four core missions: Share Health, Share Wealth, Share Wisdom and also, Share Love. As an international health care company, PHHP not only actively responds to the health needs of the public, but also pays attention to those individuals who are in urgent need of social assistance by participating in public welfare activities.

PHHP has been upholding the vision and mission, that is, to become a sustainable global organisation by sharing health, wealth, wisdom and love.

PHHP believes that in the near future, with its unique corporate philosophy, high-quality products, outstanding people, systematic programs and market plans, PHHP will be able to discover a more consolidated and thriving growth in its Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and Thailand markets. PHHP may even expand its business in other regions, help more people achieve their ideal life and realise their passions for life.