11 OCTOBER 2020

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Why Natural?

Why Should We Choose Natural Products?

Mother Nature’s Greatest Gift for Our Health is Natural Remedies

• Many remedies can be found in nature
Nature is the spring of wealth, it is also the comfort we need to heal our mind, body and soul. “Green Space” is a term for Nature, it represents the spacious, vast and natural land that we live in. Scientific research teams were looking closely into the relationship between “Green Space” and the human health condition. They discovered that a positive relationship with Nature can help provide significant well-beings for our mind, body and soul. Green sceneries are good for our visions and mind whereas green environment aids in healthy breathing. Green foods in general can supply advantages for our overall health.

• Scientists discovered many plants beneficial for health
Plants have been living on earth since 30 billion years ago. The earliest structures found in plants were very simple as there were not many species for detailed scientific studies. Under constant environmental changes throughout the years, there are various kinds of plants found in today’s natural surroundings. For example, waters, lands, temperate climates, tropics, cold mountains and others. Scientists have come across many health benefits in these plants. For example, in 1930, a German scientist called Hans Fischer found that structures of chlorophyll are very similar to that of human red blood cells. Soon afterwards, the nutritionist Bernard Jensen pointed out that chlorophyll in plants can integrate with the harmful substances in the human body and help discharge the toxicity out of the human body. Certainly, Nature is bestowed with powerful energy that is worth exploring by human beings.

• Embrace nature, embrace natural ingredients
Nature is our great companion. It has provided us with countless resources with such generosity that we appreciate with love and gratefulness. Let us get close to Nature, feel it with our heart and soul, through our mind and wisdom we can make good use of the healthy and natural herbal ingredients by embracing the wonderful life that Nature has gifted us.

Safe and Reliable

• Under good quality control
In the process of formulating natural ingredients into quality products, there are many stringent procedures involved. Starting from ingredient selections, up until the manufacturing of final products, our productions have always undergone good quality controls. PHHP acquires the assistance provided by our professional research and development team who is responsible for ingredient selections and product formulations. Adhere to the standard procedure, our products are processed and packed in the GMP-compliant PHI Factories. PHHP natural formulated products are regulated with standard and good quality controls. They are safe, healthy and reliable for consumption.

• Easy to metabolise and absorb
Through the process of physical chemistry extraction, plant extracts - the concentrated essence can be obtained from natural plants. In this way, the possibility of the extracts being destroyed by unsettled weather, pests, chemical substances and other factors can be reduced. The nutrients can be well protected, as well as having its health benefits retained. Most importantly, natural herbal extracts have smaller molecular sizes, so it can be easily digested, absorbed and metabolised by the human body. As the nutrients are being absorbed by our body, the nutrients lacking in our body can be replenished. Hence, it may contribute to our body health.

• The goodness of nature in a cup
PHHP product series are mainly formulated with natural herbal ingredients. It is easy and tasty to serve - a cup of natural goodness that not only contains health benefits but also comes with a heartfelt genuineness and warmth delivered by PHHP. A simple cup of health filled with natural essence that fulfils your daily needs and allows you to start a new day with strengths!

Natural Extracts Can Help to Maintain Various Health Functions

• Core Nutrition
The human body is similar to a house built with bricks stacked on one another. To build a strong and sturdy house, we need a stable foundation. Our body functions in the same way. We need core nutrition to build a firmer health basis. To put it simply, core nutrition is our daily necessity. The human body needs sufficient nutrients to fully function in everyday lives. Therefore, sufficient nutrient intakes are fundamental for a strong foundation and to maintain our positive health.

• Targeted Nutrition
According to anthropotomy, the human body is constituted of systems, organs and other complex structures. However, these body structures have their respective functions and responsibilities, including joints and bones, intestinal tracts, liver, respiratory systems and others. Because of the dissimilarities in each structure, the nutrients required are also varied. PHHP has provided targeted nutrition of multiple choices that may help you maintain a healthy body based on your personal needs.

• Everyone has different needs
The nutrients we need are commonly influenced by the stages of life that we are going through. Aside from age, other factors such as occupations, health conditions, genders and others could have affected the ability of our body absorption and metabolism. The nutrients needed by our body often change from time to time, depending on the environment that we are in. PHHP Phytosophy Product Series provides different choices of core nutrition and targeted nutrition. Formulated with natural herbs, people can take in the right nutrients with reliable assurance. A safe and healthy formulation with wide product combinations and choices, for you and your family's overall well-being.