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PHHP Multi-Pro Cleaner

Product Description

  • PHHP Multi-Pro Cleaner is made up of naturally derived cleaning agent. Palm oil and Coconut oil are natural surfactant that serve superior cleaning power. Vegetable enzymes absorbing odour increase the cleaning performance. Addition of Natural Lactic Acid and Tea Tree Oil serves the function of Anti-Bacteria. This biodegradable concentrated cleaner accords mild and safe ingredients suitable for sensitive skin and effective to cut through tough grease and soup scum. It is suitable for all washable surface to give your house a green and clean environment. Cleaning has never been so much easier!

Main Ingredients

  • Palm oil, Coconut oil, Vegetable enzyme, Lactic Acid and Tea Tree


  • 750 ml

Ideal For

  • General home cleaning e.g. aluminium, dishes, tile and stainless steel, etc.
  • Jewellery, leather, upholstery and vinyl.
  • Hard surface cleaning e.g. floors, wall tiles, windows, car, bathroom, etc.
  • Stubborn stains on stoves and hoods.

Product Details

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