Consumer Price: RM2,593.40(WM) RM2,852.85(EM)

Alkaline Spring Water

Product Description

A good drinking water is important for us to stay healthy and vibrant. Alkaline Spring Water consists of 6 sophisticated filter elements that offer clean, safe, and alkaline drinking water for you and your whole family. With pH balanced alkaline water, it perfectly hydrates, energises, and activates our body system.

6 Cartridges

Filter A: Ceramic Cartridge
Effectively filter against particulate contamination, pathogenic bacteria, cysts, etc.

Filter B: Granular Activated Carbon Cartridge
Effectively remove pesticides, residues, organic compounds, chemical substances, chlorine, heavy metals and unpleasant tastes, odours and colours.

Filter C: Softener Cartridge
Soften the hard water.

Filter D: Energy Converter Cartridge
Convert giant water molecular clusters into small hexagonal clusters and emit Far Infrared Rays (FIRs) that vibrate and energise water to help improve metabolism and increase cell energy.

Filter E: Hydrogen Ion Alkaline Cartridge
Produce active hydrogen and negative ions to make water alkaline that helps to balance the body’s pH for a normal physiological function.

Filter F: CTO Carbon with ORP Ball Cartridge
Enhance the removal of chlorine, organic chemicals and remaining residue from water and prevent bacteria from breeding.

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