Phyto Royal Jelly

royal jelly


Royal jelly is a milky white substance produced by young worker bees. PHHP Royal Jelly is rich in vitamins B- complex, amino acid, minerals and vitamins A and C, it helps to decrease fatique, improve stamina, enhance tissue regeneration, delay ageing process and regulate endocrine functions.



250gm × 60 capsules


Main Ingredients

Royal Jelly


Unique Selling Point

  • 100% pure royal jelly
  • No artificial flavors
  • Freeze-dried technique



  • PHHP Phyto Royal Jelly is rich in vitamin B-complex, helps to release energy, improve stamina, sleeping and nerve problems.
  • PHHP Phyto Royal Jelly contains 10-HAD, form a natural immunity inside human body, helps in improving immunity.
  • PHHP Phyto Royal Jelly helps to regulate endocrine, improve endocrine disorder and menopause symptoms, helps to delay ageing.