PHHP Phyto Spora Lingzhi

spora lingzhi


Lingzhi spores is the seeds of Lingzhi, with higher nutrition, it has better effect. PHHP Phyto Spora Lingzhi uses cracked spores technology with 99% of highly successful percentage to maintain the substance which is easier to absorb by human body, it helps providing protection to internal organs including liver, lung, heart and so on.



250gm × 60 capsules


Main Ingredients

Cracked spores


Unique Selling Point

  • Cracked spores
  • Easier to absorb with 99% of spores broken rate
  • Pure natural and additive free



  • PHHP Phyto Spora Lingzhi helps to enhance detoxification function, hence protect the liver.
  • PHHP Phyto Spora Lingzhi contains organic germanium which can improve blood supply and metabolism, enhance vassal functions and delay cell oxidation.
  • PHHP Phyto Spora Lingzhi contains polysaccharides, which helps to improve immunity and active cell, fight against sensitive condition and inflammation.
  • The organic germanium in PHHP Phyto Spora Lingzhi will help to enhance the oxygen absorption in the blood, provide enough oxygen to the cell, provide more energy to the body.