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Phytolab Healthy Scalp Revitalizing Tonic

Phytolab Healthy Scalp Revitalizing Tonic

Combining ancient wisdom and modern technology, PhytoLab HEALTHY SCALP REVITALIZING TONIC is powered by natural plant-derived oils and extracts that provide nourishment to revitalize your scalp, strengthen the root and soothe irritation, help create an optimal environment for healthy hair growth.


Main Ingredients

  • Hops: Reduce DHT activity
  • Rosemary: Improve scalp's blood circulation
  • Nettle: Sebum control astringent
  • Coltsfoot: Relieve scalp inflammation


Direction of Use

Apply on clean and dry scalp twice a day after using PhytoLab Hops Shampoo. Massage until absorbed. Do not rinse off.