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Phyto Aloe Vera Gel Plus

Phyto Aloe Vera Gel Plus

The brand new 99.9% PHHP Phyto Aloe Vera Gel Plus contains high density of Aloe Vera active ingredient, provide protection for your whole family, it doesn’t only preserve your skin, but also enhance beauty skin. The brand new PHHP Phyto Aloe Vera Gel Plus also added 5 types of botanical extracts in order to provide a faster & better results.



Allantoin: Helps to moisturize & rejuvenate the skin, in the mean time it also boost cell growth, improve healing process on wound & sunburn.

Chamomile Extract: Helps to relieve itchy & sensitive skin effectively.

Nettle Extract: Helps to soothe issues with swelling effectively, especially for sun damaged skin.

Comfrey Extract: Possess anti-bacteria & anti- inflammatory effect.

Yarrow Extract: Yarrow extract can reduce pores effectively, it can heal different types of wounds like cut and also rejuvenate skin crack, meanwhile it also helps balancing oily skin.


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is it applicable for pregnant women?

    Definitely, PHHP Phyto Aloe Vera Gel Plus is made from natural ingredients, therefore is absolutely safe for pregnant women. They are advised to apply PHHP Phyto Aloe Vera Gel Plus on their wounded area right after childbirth, as it improves wound healing process.

  2. Is it applicable for people who suffer from acne problem?

    Yes. Aloe Vera is capable of relieve internal heat & possess detoxification function, therefore PHHP Phyto Aloe Vera Gel Plus can be used to eliminate bacteria & suppresses inflammation, promote metabolism & very effective for rash, pimples, oversensitive skin as well as swelling problem.


Directions for Use

Applying on affected part of your skin & rub until it is fully absorb by your skin.