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Victoria De Rosé


Victoria De Rosé® is a set of health-oriented foundation lingerie made with energy stones and unique materials. The 5 pieces of foundation lingerie, namely Victoria De Rosé® Brassiere, Victoria De Rosé® Panties, Victoria De Rosé® Body Shaper, Victoria De Rosé® Girdle and Victoria De Rosé® Vest, will help you sculpture a perfect body.


Victoria De Rosé® Brassiere

A scented bra with unique rose essential oil soft beads, Victoria De Rosé® Brassiere improves bust line, keeps the breasts firmer and fuller, prevents outward expansion and sagging of the breasts, and creates a beautiful cleavage.


Victoria De Rosé® Panties

With unique cutting and design, Victoria De Rosé® Panties helps in maintaining a full and curvy bottom. Fitted with far infrared and energy stones, its comfortable and breathable cotton material helps balance hormones, detoxify and protect the ovaries.


Victoria De Rosé® Body Shaper

Victoria De Rosé® Body Shaper effectively keeps free fat around the waist and abdomen in place and supports the breasts to prevent sagging. By adjusting the position of fat tissues around the waist and back, it creates a perfect waist and bust line and straighten the back to correct body posture.


Victoria De Rosé® Girdle

Victoria De Rosé® Girdle lifts the hips and creates a full, curvy bottom, while tucking in the abdomen, tightening fat tissues around the thighs and accentuating the curve between the hips and thighs.


Victoria De Rosé® Vest

Victoria De Rosé® Vest shapes the waist line and supports the spine. Its stylish design can be worn externally with a jacket to create different styles.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

  1. Foundation lingerie is said to be able to aid weight loss. How do they achieve that?

    Preventing Cell Growth: Fat cells are generally accumulated in areas that get less exercise, such as bingo wings, waist, abdomen and inner thighs. Foundation lingerie effectively inhibits the growth of fat globules in these areas. Wearing foundation lingerie correctly for an extended period of time helps keep your body fat in the right place to achieve a perfect body shape.

    Food Intake: The tightness of foundation lingerie and its resulting compression around the waist and abdomen keeps one from overeating. 80% full is the maximum limit. In the long run, the stomach shrinks to its normal size and the weight stops increasing naturally. Such is the supplementary weight loss effect of foundation lingerie.

  2. Do I have to wear foundation lingerie if I already have an appealing body?

    Start wearing foundation lingerie before your body goes out of shape can help you maintain a gorgeous body for a longer period of time. You will enjoy surprising results if you start wearing the right body-shaping lingerie from puberty.

  3. Can Victoria De Rosé® Body Shaper correct bad back posture?
    • Victoria De Rosé® Body Shaper is a special multifunctional product that lifts the bust, shapes the waistline, protects the spine as well as corrects bad back posture. The cross-back double-layered fabric exerts pressure on the entire back to straighten the body.
    • 6 coil bones – reduces spinal deformities in women