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Izumi Shinzenbi Essence Series

izumi shinzenbi

This series of skincare products is the luxurious range of Izumi. Its miraculous effects are visible even with only a small amount applied. It provides nutrients required by the skin and pampers your skin with great care, leaving you beautiful and attractive all the time!

Shin Solution 1

Extracted through nanotechnology, L-ascorbic acid, a new star ingredient in brightening, is capable of entering the inner layers of your skin in liposome-encapsulated form. Its microparticles instantly brighten your complexion, leaving your skin fair and radiant! Shin Solution of the Shinzenbi Series adopts liposomal encapsulation technology to protect L-ascorbic acid against oxidation and enhance absorption.

Shin Essential 2

Containing sodium hyaluronate and soy isoflavones, Shin Essential of the Shinzenbi Series provides excellent hydrating effect, rapidly replenishes moisture to dry skin and regulates the skin's sebum and moisture balance. In addition to protecting the skin, it instantly moisturizes and hydrates the skin and enhances nutrient absorption. Rich in vitamin E, it increases antioxidant effects, stimulates collagen formation and enhances skin elasticity.

Shin Solution 1 Ingredients

L-ascorbic acid - 20% L-ascorbic acid is optimum concentration where skin can fully absorb. L-ascorbic acid enhances collagen production which in effect firms sagging skin and restores skin resilience. It also inhibits melanin formation, lightens pigmentations and brightens skin tone.

Vitamin E – has antioxidation properties to neutralise skin damage caused by free radicals and achieve skin repair and skin protection effects, as well as promoting blood circulation of skin.


Shin Essential 2 Ingredients

Soy Isoflavones – They are plant estrogen that can stimulate collagen formation and improve skin elasticity.

Coral weed - Coral weed are able to condense up to 200,000 times vital minerals present in sea water. These moisture-binding minerals promote healthy cellular activities, soothe skin dryness and reduce fine line due to dehydration.

Sodium hyaluronate – Hyaluronic acid derived from plants can be absorbed by skin more easily, which helps to hydrate dry skin instantaneously and increase its hydration level to help skin achieve balanced sebum and water levels. 

Frequently Asked Question  

  1. Why is L-ascorbic acid used in Shin Solution of the Shinzenbi Series? What are its functions?

    Vitamin C is capable of brightening the skin and inhibiting melanin deposition. However, experts find that only L-ascorbic acid has good penetrating power and can be easily absorbed by the human body. In addition to its brightening and spot-lightening functions, L-ascorbic acid in Shin Solution is capable of firming the skin and preventing wrinkles. L-ascorbic acid protects the cell membrane from oxidation caused by free radicals and reverses oxidized melanin. Nano-liposomal encapsulation technology is used to protect L-ascorbic acid from oxidation and extend the shelf life of the product. Furthermore, liposome’s skin-friendly nature and the very fine structure of nano-molecules greatly increase penetration. When applied to the skin, liposome begins to break apart and release ingredients to the inner layers of the skin following a change in body temperature, thus increasing absorption of skincare products by the skin.

  2. What is the benefit of nanoliposome technology?

    It adopts the use of nanoliposome technology which can deliver high levels of nutrients to increase the rate of absorption.  It aims to revive and strengthen cell and skin tissues with a “process of delivery”which can carry active ingredients absorbed into the inner layers of the skin within 15 hours and achieve long term hydration benefits.

Directions for use

Use once or twice daily after deep cleansing and toner, drew up 3-5 drops of Shin Solution 1 and transfer it onto palm and pressing lightly with your fingertips, apply evenly over face and neck until product is completely absorbed by skin.

Followed by application of Shin Essential 2 over face and neck in a 1:2 proportion.


Skin which are very dry or sensitive should apply the Shinzenbi range in the sequence of 2>1>2, as well as increasing the amount of Shin Essential 2 in the mornings.