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How to build your own business with PHHP?

how to make fortuneStarting your own business with PHHP is as easy as 1-2-3!

With PHHP Marketing Plan, you are rewarded for selling products, sponsoring new members with purchase of products and assist your members to sell their products.

We believe that the harder you work, the higher you should be rewarded. The rewards consist of different bonuses based on your achievement.

You can be benefited even more from:

  • Monthly attractive bonus paid out with total benefits of up to 80% (On BV)
  • Performance Bonus calculated by accumulation system
  • Permanent maintenance of ranks once promoted
  • The higher the rank, the lesser the BV required
  • Multiple bonuses and incentives benefits for personal group
  • Development Bonus as deep as 7 generations, Leadership Bonus as broad as 7 lines

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