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5pPHHP possesses an unique business model; its foundation is built on the strength of 5Ps - Philosophy, Product, People, Program and Plan.

These 5Ps sum up core value:

Unique Philosophy

Countless decisions had been made in everyone's life, but those who choose to be part of PHHP family have been influenced by its wonderful philosophy. In turn they lead the life of 'PEOPLE HAPPILY HELPING PEOPLE, TOGETHER WE SHARE PEACE, HARMONY, HEALTH and PROSPERITY'

Provide a wonderful life for all:

  1. With gratitude - Fill your heart with love and warmth
  2. Be honourable - self confidence, outstanding capability
  3. Loving Spirit - Cherish life, treasure the things in life
  4. Growth - in health, happiness, live happily

4 Core Missions

The Logo of PHHP represents the philosophy of “People Happily Helping People, Together we share Peace, Harmony, Health and Prosperity”. It signifies living in harmony with Mother Nature and respecting all forms of life equally. We do so by promoting PHHP 4 Core Missions of Sharing Health, Wealth, Wisdom and Love.

Spread Health

PHHP Share Health

PHHP is committed to promote health to people by providing natural quality products and spreading phyto herbal health philosophy.

Spread Wealth

PHHP Share Wealth

PHHP provides ways to build a successful career, enhancing quality of life and bringing prosperity to people.

Spread Wisdom

PHHP Share Wisdom

PHHP values life-long learning, determined to share positive mindset, attitude and enlighten people’s wisdom through inspiring programs.

Spread Love

PHHP Share Love

PHHP cultivates the culture of “People Happily Helping People”, spread love and care to society for the welfare of humanity.