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Information Technology

information technology

In the world of globalization, a highly integrated Information System is the lifeblood of the company. Information Technology is vital in order to support and leading the business to new era.

This has been done through by providing a solid IT environment with stable IT services, effective business applications and adoption of cutting-edge technologies.

The PHHP website ( is available in multiple languages and acts as the portal to the newly designed Distributors Portal, known as the Virtual Office, which in itself is a highly evolved online office where distributors can carry out & monitor their business from time to time.

PHHP offers a mobile-friendly site, mobile application, and customisable personalised websites for our distributors, all of which further strengthen the company’s tangible philosophy to be able to do business anywhere, with support available everywhere.

Security & Performance

The stability, security & system performance of the PHHP’s systems is one of our foremost priorities.
PHHP provides an integrated & intelligent approach to secure our systems and e-Commerce transaction. We continuously employ up-to-date, fit-for-purpose and high-end solutions to deliver our system, website and e-Store to our customers and Distributors around the world with improved user experience.